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    Navigate the World with Ease

Navigate Abroad With Ease

Locards App provides local language names and addresses of landmarks, hotels, addresses, and more. Take taxi’s or ask for directions abroad with confidence knowing that you can easily communicate you destination.

Flip Your Phone

Open a Locard and flip your phone sideways to easily and clearly display your desired destination, including a clickable phone number.

Explore and Share

Explore your saved locations on a map and share your saved Locards with friends to easily find shared destinations. Locards is a translator, address book, and map in one for travelers.

Simple and Effective

Locards combines an address book, translator, directory, and map in one easy to use app.

Save Locards

Save all of your favorite or upcoming destinations to the home screen to easily navigate to and from hotels, restaurants, sights, and more—even when offline.

Search Locations

Search from millions of places worldwide by name or address in either English or the local language.

View on Map

Easily view all of your saved Locards on a map and open them in Google or Apple Maps to get instant directions.

Flip to Display

Expand a saved Locard on the home screen and simply flip your phone to display all of the Locard data in full screen to easily show others your destination.

Filter Locards by Location

Filter your saved Locards by country in order to easily display relevant Locards while traveling.

Save and Share

Share a Locard with others to easily meet at a given location. Locards can also be saved as images on your phone.

Explore Locards

Never Get Lost While Traveling. Confidently Get To Your Destination with the Correct Local Address.

Navigate the World with Ease

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